Press & Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients and care provider staff with whom they have worked.

Hiring these amazing ladies was one of the best decisions of my life! They empowered me (and my husband!) to have the labor and delivery I wanted and supported me no matter what (even throughout 5 shifts!) Having the birth I wanted after a difficult pregnancy was a healing and satisfying experience that has fulfilled me deeply. I will be forever grateful to this group of talented women.

- Paige, client
By far the most knowledgeable, caring, and amazing group of women ever! Two things every pregnant woman should have: a great doula team and a great pelvic floor therapist. (From the HDG Team: We 100% agree about the pelvic floor therapist and are happy to refer you to one! Read the rest of this review on Yelp)

- Caro, client
I felt supported throughout and also empowered with confidence that we had a team of amazing doulas to help. I highly recommend them to anyone who is pregnant! Whether it's a vbac, your first pregnancy, or your fifth. Harmony Doula Group will make your birth experience that much better!

- Daena, client
All the doulas on the team were terrific. I was at ease knowing my client was in good hands with them.

- Sophia, midwife
The best doulas you'll find.

- Shawna, midwife
In my more than 20 years in Labor and Delivery, Teri is by far the best doula I've ever worked with.

- Lauren, RN