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Here is a sampling of what some of my clients, doctors, midwives, and nurses have said about us:

"I won't give birth without [them]." - Emily

"In my more than 20 years in Labor and Delivery, Teri is by far the best doula I've ever worked with." - L, R.N.

"[The Harmony Doula Group] is the best thing to ever happen to our hospital" - T, R.N.

"They are the best doulas you'll find." - S., CNM

"Teri is welcome in my [delivery room] any time." - Dr. P, OB/GYN

"The Harmony Doula Group are fantastic doulas. I am always happy to see them [at my hospital]." - J., R.N.

"Hiring these amazing ladies was one of the best decisions of my life! They empowered me (and my husband!) to have the labor and delivery I wanted and supported me no matter what (even throughout 5 shifts!) Having the birth I wanted after a difficult pregnancy was a healing and satisfying experience that has fulfilled me deeply. I will be forever grateful to this group of talented women." - Paige

"[Having a doula] was the best decision we ever made. Teri was very supportive through the entire labor. She never lessened her enthusiasm to help us. She was always energetic and coherent of what best relaxation techniques suited us... She was very helpful and at the same time gave my husband his space as far as him comforting me...I felt her positive energy is what got me through my long labor. It was her strength and confidence that gave me confidence to do the best I could in my labor... She kept me relaxed and confident in the capability of my body... She was soothing, comforting, loving, and caring... We recommend her to anyone that is considering a doula." - Evangelina (Note: Evangelina's planned homebirth and hospital transfer was documented in a photo slide show by KellyM Photography, available for viewing here.)

"Our doula was an invaluable birthing coach. She was knowledgable, positive and supportive throughout my pregnancy and labor...She used a variety of natural techniques to relax me and ease my discomfort during contractions. She worked seamlessly with the hospital staff and was a terrific advocate for us....She helped my husband stay positive and confident... I have great confidence in her skills and abilities and give her my highest recommendation." - Suzy

"Teri was a great support and resource for both [my husband] and myself during labor. She was physical support when [my husband] was my emotional support. I knew, having been a natural birth mama too, that she would be nothing but encouraging of my desire for the same." - Katie (Note: Katie's birth journey was documented in a photo slide show by KellyM Photography and is available for viewing here.)

"I recommend the Modesto (Harmony) Doula Group without hesitation. I can honestly say that I would not have been successful in a VBAC without them. They provided the physical, emotional, and psychological support my husband and I needed before, during, and after birth. They treat each birth individually; every person and experience is different. They ask the important questions to learn what your concerns are and how they can be of most assistance. We felt supported, empowered, and truly cared for. Each doula was wonderful and supportive in their role." - Jen

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