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Birth Doula Services

The team at the Harmony Doula Group are certified birth doulas, postpartum doulas, and childbirth educators, together having over 40 years of experience supporting families through childbirth. Teri is also a La Leche League leader, ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) leader, an advanced doula skills trainer and mentor for new doulas, and has additional training as a Dancing for Birthâ„¢ instructor and Hypno-Doula. Jennifer is also a certified yoga instructor with extensive training in mindfulness, communication training, and natural healing methods, such as massage, herbalism, aromatherapy, and visualization. She is also the regional coordinator for Postpartum Support International. Further details in regard to our various training and expertise can be found on the About Harmony Doula Group page. We are located conveniently near the Altamont foothills and are able to assist moms throughout the East Bay, LaMorInda corridor, Tri-Valley, Delta Valley, and parts of the Central Valley.

We believe that education is an very important part of preparing for birth. For this reason, all of our clients receive a complete childbirth education series. This series is most often done in three prenatal sessions, however it can be tailored to two 3-hr visits, or one 5- to 6-hr workshop, depending on your schedule and needs. The series incorporates some of the most successful practices from the wide variety of the popular approaches to childbirth education.

Clients who would like additional postpartum support may also choose to add our New Mama Coaching package.

The Harmony Doula Group offers Birth Doula Support to moms choosing to delivering their babies in hospital settings or at home with a licensed midwife.

Our Birth Doula Package includes the following:

* Consultation visit to determine compatibility
* Childbirth education and relaxation classes
* Moms who have already taken a comprehensive childbirth and relaxation class may choose to substitute a couple's yoga class
* Unlimited phone and email support during pregnancy and up to six weeks postpartum
* Assistance in creating a birth plan, if desired
* Personalized, written meditation or hypnosis script for you to practice at home
* On-call status 24/7 from 2 weeks before your due date until your baby is born
* Labor and birth support at home and/or hospital
* Use of a TENS machine during labor
* Specially blended aromatherapy massage oils
* Specially blended sitz bath herbs for postpartum heals
* Breastfeeding support any time after the birth
* Babywearing demonstration and assistance in selecting a carrier, if desired
* Access to our lending library
* An account of your birth story, if desired
* One postpartum visit, preferably within two weeks of the birth

What to expect:

First Childbirth Education Class (2 hours)
* How to know when it's labor
* Physiology of labor
* Labor variations
* What to expect physically and emotionally
* Augmentations and medical interventions
* Communication with your medical care providers

Second Childbirth Education Class (2 hours)
* Pain management
* Comfort measures
* Relaxation tools

Third Prenatal Class (1-2 hours)
* Birth Plan counseling
* Couple questionnaire
* Relaxation exercise or personalized guided meditation

Labor and Birth (time varies -- we average 20 hours for a first baby, but have been with a client for as long as 58 hours)
* Phone support in early labor until such time that you would like a doula to arrive at your home or hopsital
* Support at your home and/or hospital, if you are planning a hospital birth
* Suggestions for your doula for position changes, guidance in breathing and relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy, massage, acupressure, and other strategies and tools
* Advocacy for you
* Help in understanding your choices when an intervention is proposed, if you desire 
* Supporting your birth partner to help you
* Support after the labor to make sure bonding and breastfeeding are well on their way after birth

Postpartum Visit (1-2 hours)
* Discussion of the birth experience
* Support with breastfeeding and referral to a lactation consultant if necessary
* Discussion of nutrition
* Discussion of any postpartum issues and support resources needed

Things that are outside the scope of our practice and that we will not do

* Performance of clinical tasks such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks or vaginal exams
* Making decisions for you
* Speaking on your behalf to the medical staff concerning your care
* Interfering with your birth partner(s) during labor and birth


Current Rates, Fees, and Discounts

Birth Doula Services: We have a sliding scale fee, $2000-2400.

Couples who would like to take Susan's Bradley Birth series of classes in lieu of our prenatal classes may do so at a discount. Inquire directly to Susan.

Discounted birth stool rental for our doula clients: $50

Postpartum New Mother and Baby Care Coaching (5 hours of phone, email, and text support): Becoming a new mom can be a stressful time. There are so many different approaches to parenting, it can be overwhelming. To help enpower women as they gain confidence though their transition into motherhood, we offer New Mama Coaching, tailored to suit your needs, whether you need help with sleep or nutrition or adjusting to the demands of a new baby: $150

In-home Postpartum Doula Care: $40 per hour (please inquire about rates for extended service contracts)

**Travel of up to 200 miles total is included in the above packages. A small travel fee may be added for travel over 200 miles and for any bridge tolls or parking fees.


Families planning a homebirth attended by a licensed midwife receive a 10% discount on Birth Doula services. The Harmony Doula Group is unable to attend planned unassisted births.

If you are a birth mother planning an adoption or are the partner of an active military member who will be deployed during the time your baby is due, please contact us about special reduced rates.

Many of our clients choose to contribute to a fund so that we are able to periodically offer services for mothers who cannot otherwise afford Birth Doula services. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please let us know.

Extended and flexible payment plans are available.