Jennifer Kara, CD, CPD(Intuitive Doula)

I am trained and certified as a Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula through Intuitive Doula. I am also a Whole Birth Yoga Instructor, Yoga 'n Play instructor (mom and baby yoga), mother of two teens, and earnest seeker of balance. I bring to births 17 years of passion for, and interest in, empowering women and their partners to navigate the powerful rite of passage of birth. I gained experience first through my own births (one hospital, one homebirth) and by informally attending friends' births and providing them support. Ultimately, I began to attend births formally as a doula when my prenatal yoga students starting asking if I would provide support for them during their births.

I am a highly intuitive person, who listens well to my clients and encourages them to find their voices and inner wisdom/knowledge and to utilize that during labor, birth, and the early weeks of parenting. As a hands-on doula, I offer physical support in addition to emotional support during birth, including: knowledge of labor and birth positions and the importance of moving through them, acupressure points to help encourage labor, as well as massage and other comfort measures to relieve aches and intensity levels. I have over 20 years of study in anthropology, women's studies, yoga and the intuitive wisdom in the body, mindfulness, as well as natural healing methods such as massage, herbalism, aromatherapy and visualization. I bring exceptional listening and communication skills training to the births and prenatal and postpartum meetings I attend.

Pregnancy is a time of amazing transformation: a mother is being born! I believe every woman deserves to be supported in this most powerful journey of pregnancy, labor and birth; that women need to be deeply listened to and their feelings about their experiences respected rather than minimized, and that women need to be able to give birth where they feel safest whether that's in their homes or in a hospital or birth center. I also believe that birth is a sacred time and my job is to help keep an awareness of that around the birthing couple. My philosophy is One Birth At A Time.

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