Community-Centered Doula Training
for Birth & Postpartum

How do I become a doula?

It is an honor to welcome a new child into the world, to encourage and support people through the process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It is also an exciting time to participate in the community as a childbirth and postpartum professional. Whether your clients are choosing hospital, birth center, or home births, Harmony Doula Mentoring can help you to have the skills you need to provide compassionate, culturally competent emotional and physical support, using evidence-based practices from both new innovations and time-honored traditions.

Our Community-Centered Doula Training Workshop is designed to build your confidence, knowledge, and skills as a doula, guiding you toward a great start to a successful career as a childbirth professional. The workshop includes most of the advanced skills offered in our single subject workshops, as we believe these are skills all doulas should know. Students who are approved by the staff midwives at the Homestead Birth Center and Welcome Home Community Birth Cener can volunteer at the center and to get valuable hands-on birth experience with a supervising doula.

We are committed to training community-based doulas to serve the members of their own community. It is our mission to increase access to doula care for every member of our community and increase knowledge of the unique health disparities facing pregnant people in the Central Valley, thereby leading to greater equity and better birth outcomes for all. Certification is through Welcome Home Community Doula Program.

In this course, you will learn:
  • The role of a doula as an advocate working with members of the care provider team and the benefits of a doula in birth and postpartum.
  • A holistic approach to the year surrounding birth, including nutrition and physical and emotional wellness.
  • The anatomy and physiology of labor, interventions and augmentations available in integrative medicine, and their associated benefits and risks.
  • Theories of pain perception and the potentials consequences of fear in labor
  • Strategies and tools for comfort, coping, and reducing fear and anxiety, including rebozo work, acupressure, pelvic floor and body balancing, TENS units, and more.
  • Strategies and skills for supporting emotional wellbeing and healthy physical recovery, including practicing trauma-informed care.
  • Basic breastfeeding support skills, healthy sleep practices, and newborn care that set up clients for success in early parenting.
  • Information on perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders.
  • Critical thinking skills for assessing research and evidence.
  • Effective communication, active listening, conflict resolution, and advocacy skills.
  • Marketing and business organizational skills.


Investment: $500

Payment plans available, or save with the Early Bird: $450 if paid in-full 28 days before the workshop. Grants are available for people who self-identify as BIPoC, LGBTQ, and/or native spanish speakers.

Contact us to arrange a series that suits your schedule or to get enrollment information for upcoming sessions.