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Deanna was our Doula for both of our births: one in the hospital and one at home. She was always there to hold my hand, even when I couldn't speak. She was like a sister through both of my labors and I relied on her strength and voice when the times got tough. Deanna is amazing at what she does. No matter what kind of birth experience you want, she will be your advocate. Hire her. -- Liz

Deanna was instrumental in making sure that I had the birth experience that I wanted. Deanna is one of the most knowledgeable individuals about pregnancy and birth I have ever meet. If I am lucky enough to have a second child I will defiantly be hiring Deanna again. -- Emilia

We consider Deanna as part of our family now, as she took part in the most memorable and special day of our lives. So if you're looking for someone to be part of your "dream team", don't just walk to the phone, run and call Doula Deanna. -- Michelle

We would highly recommend Deanna for ANYONE who is interested in the assistance of a doula and we will definitely use her again for our second. -- Michael

Hiring her for my delivery and start of motherhood was the best thing I could have done for myself and my baby. Deanna went through every minute of my 50+ hours with me. She was great at teaching my husband how to provide me with the support I needed through the process. She helped me search inside about what was important to my birth experience and taught me so much about what it could be... She was like a mother to me and gave me confidence, knowledge, courage, a big hug and a shoulder to cry on. She knew when to help me stay in the moment and when to back off so I can have space to "deal" with the pain. She was more than a doula. She cared for every single mother-to-be as an individual. Each birth experience was like the first one to her and she cherished every single one of them as if it was her own. Deanna has a very magnanimous and compassionate personality and she ALWAYS went above and beyond what was called for to help the new mom. Having gone through what I went through, I HIGHLY suggest every first time mother to have a doula. And if you are lucky enough, Doula Dee as yours. -- Ingrid

Deanna is a wonderful caring and dedicated doula. She works very hard to make families comfortable and happy with their birth experience. She contributes a lot to the birth community in the east bay of California. I would recommend her as a doula and professional. -- Sara

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