Classes for Parents

Many changes happen in person’s body while they labor. Understanding what to expect physically and emotionally as it changes throughout labor *before* labor begins, allows them to recognize where they are in labor, when it’s time to go to the hospital or call their homebirth midwife, and to relax more easily during the birth process. Not knowing what is happening in our own bodies is stressful for many people and can lead to tension and fear. Knowledge, therefore is a powerful tool in helping to eliminate or reduce fear and make for an easier, more relaxed birthing experience.

Our childbirth preparation classes help clarify misconceptions and misinformation about the labor process, offers firsthand knowledge of birth, and evidence-based information. It discusses a variety of options, from coping techniques and tips for partners to information on medical interventions and anesthesia. The courses are designed to encourage students to move through their birth experience in an informed and empowered way, allowing them to make choices throughout that suit their individual needs physically, emotionally, and philosophically, and to have their best birth possible.

Complete Childbirth Education Class - $300
Our childbirth education class is a 6-hr course that offers evidence-based information about labor and birth, teaches you a variety of relaxation skills and tips for your partner, and helps you to create a birth preferences list to guide you toward your best birth possible. It draws from some of the best childbirth modalities and relaxation strategies, from mindfulness to self-hypnosis, to help you find the strategies that will work best for your individual needs. The class can be taken as a one-day workshop or divided into 2 or 3 sessions, on weekends or during the work week. It's up to you and your schedule.

Because some of the relaxation techniques we teach you work best when practiced with regularity over many weeks, we suggest that you complete the class during or before your 36th week (although late comers can still benefit).

Part 1 (2 hours) 
* What to expect physically and emotionally from labor
* Common labor pattern variations, including "back labor"
* Augmentations and medical interventions at homebirths, birth centers, and hospital
* Communication with your medical care providers

Part 2 (2 hours) 
* Pain management
* Body balancing and exercise techniques
* Comfort measures
* Relaxation tools

Part 3 (1-2 hours)
* Birth and Postpartum Plan counseling
* Acupressure and rebozo skills for labor
* Relaxation exercise or personalized guided meditation

This course is offered in our office on the 1st Saturday of every month from 10am-5pm, with a one-hour lunch break. Reservations are required and space is limited. It can also be booked privately at the office or in your home, please inquire for rates.

Lactation and the Newborn - $100
An introductory class for new parents who are planning to breastfeed or combo feed (2 hours)
This course is taught be a certified lactation educator. In this class, we will learn about how the body makes milk; normal feeding patterns and hunger cues; how to optimize milk production and improve latch; normal infant physical, neurological, and behavioral developments; and how to get off to a good start with sleep.

Course is taught on 1st Saturdays at our office at 5:30pm. Reservations are required and space is limited.

Understanding Labor and Comfort Measures - $100
for anyone who wants a refresher or prefers a condensed class in a group setting (3 hours)
We will discuss essential information on labor and delivery, comfort techniques, medical procedures, cesarean birth, and newborn and postpartum care. We will also discuss different ways partners can help throughout the process.

Course takes place at the Modesto Natural Birth Place on 1st Wednesdays at 7pm. Contact Susan to RSVP.

Understanding Breastfeeding and Newborn Care - $100
Breastfeed and Newborn Care 101 for new parents (3 hours)
In this class, we will learn how breastfeeding works, how to get off to a great start with latching and positioning, when and where to feed your baby, and more. We will also go over the essential information needed on caring for your baby in the first six weeks. We will cover things like what behavior to expect from your newborn, how to keep your baby safe and healthy, and when you should call the doctor. Please bring a doll or teddy bear for practice.

Course takes place at the Modesto Natural Birth Place on 2nd Wednesdays at 7pm. Contact Susan to RSVP.

Bradley Method Childbirth Education Series - $500
for anyone wanting an extended, comprehensive class for the year surrounding birth (7-10 weeks, 3 hrs each session)
The Bradley Childbirth classes are designed to educate you and your partner about what is happening with your body and baby during pregnancy and delivery. It teaches you how to work with your body through relaxation and positioning so that you can work toward your goal of natural childbirth. During the series we will discuss exercise, nutrition, pregnancy, labor, birth, breastfeeding, postpartum, newborn care, and more.

Bradley classes takes place in private homes on the schedule of the host. To join a class or host a class, contact Susan for more information.

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Classes for Doulas

Community-Based Doula Training Workshop

Are you interested in becoming a doula? Harmony Doula Mentoring offers Community-Based Doula Training workshops in Modesto and Mountain House. Contact us to learn more.

Advanced Doula Training Workshops

Are you already a doula or perinatal professional interested in advancing your skill set? Advanced Doula Skills Training Workshops are open to doulas, nurses, midwives, other birth workers, and anyone else who might interested. Instruction assumes some experience and knowledge of the birth process at a more than fundamental level. CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for doulas are often available. Please inquire about CEUs if you require them. Subscribe to Harmony Doula Mentoring on Facebook for class schedule and updates.

Interested in scheduling a workshop for your local doula community? Teri is available and willing to travel throughout the US to teach on a variety of topics. Combine topics to make a half day, full day, or full weekend Advanced Training Experience. Inquire to to check date availability and travel fees.

Classes available:

  • Doula Tool Kit: Rebozo (2 CEUs through DONA International)
  • Doula Tool Kit: Acupressure (2 CEUs through DONA International)
  • Doula Tool Kit: TENS Unit (1 CEU through DONA International)
  • Advanced Skills Workshop: Labor Patterns and Optimal Fetal and Maternal Positioning (2 CEUs through DONA International)
  • Trauma-informed Care for Birth Workers: Working with Surivors of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Birth Trauma (3 CEUs through DONA International)
  • Lactation Support for Birth Professionals (Meets requirements for certification with DONA International)
  • Mindfulness Practice for Doulas and Their Clients
  • Understanding and Using Self-Hypnosis Modalities for Childbirth
  • Writing Great Guided Meditations
  • Supporting VBAC Clients: From Evidence-Based Facts to Panic Attacks
  • Essential Oil Safety in Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, and Postpartum
  • Business Building: How to Open a Group Practice for Doulas

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