Community-Based Birth Doula Program

It is an honor to welcome a new child into the world, to encourage and support people through the process of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. It is also an exciting time to participate in the birth community as a childbirth professional.  Whether your clients are choosing hospital, birth center, or home births, Harmony Doula Mentoring can help you to have the skills you need to provide compassionate, culturally competent emotional and physical support, using evidence-based practices from both new innovations and and time-honored traditions. 

Harmony Doula Mentoring offers high quality workshops in both one-on-one and small group settings.  We are committed to training community-based doulas to serve the greater Modesto area. It is our mission to increase access to doula care for every member of our community and increase knowledge of the unique health disparities facing pregnant people in the Central Valley, thereby leading to greater equity and better birth outcomes for all.

Our Introductory Workshop, hosted by the Modesto Natural Birth Place, is a 35-hour course, taught one day per week over the course of 10 weeks.  Workshops cover evidence-based information about the benefits of doula support, the anatomy and chemistry of birth, the significance of doula support to families, hands-on techniques, trauma-informed and inclusive care, as well as practical steps to begin a career as a doula.

Doulas who want to advance their skills can also participate in Advanced Doula Skills Workshops, which are offered once a month through the academic year, on a variety of topics at the Harmony Doula Group offices and around the California Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Area.

Students who are approved by the staff midwives at the Modesto Natural Birth Place can volunteer at the center, to get valuable hands-on birth experience with a supervising doula.

Introductory Trainings

This course is designed to build the confidence, knowledge, and skills of a Community-Based Doula, guiding them toward a great start to a successful career as a childbirth professional.

In this course, you will learn:

The fee for the Introductory Workshop is $275.  Contact us to schedule a series that suits your schedule or to get enrollment information for upcoming sessions.

Current schedule:
* Winter Session: 9:30am-1pm, Wednesdays Nov 7-Jan 30 (no class Nov 21, Dec 26, or Jan 2)
* Spring Session: 9:30am-1pm, Wednesdays Feb 6-Apr 10

* Session 1: Community-Based Birth Doulas – Feb 6
* Session 2: Anatomy and Physiology of Labor – Feb 13
* Session 3: Medical Interventions and Augmentations – Feb 20
* Session 4: Labor Support – Pain and Comfort Measures for Coping – Feb 27
* Session 5: Rebozo and Acupressure – March 6
* Session 6: Breastfeeding Support – March 13
* Session 7: The Immediate Postpartum and Postpartum Recovery – March 27
* Session 8: Trauma-informed Care – April 3
* Session 9: Communication Skills – April 10
* Session 10: The Business End – April 17

All sessions are held at the Modesto Natural Birth Place, 1608 Sunrise Ave A, Modesto, CA 95350

Enroll now to guarantee your spot:

Introductory Training

Advanced Doula Skills Training Workshops

Available topics:

Unless otherwise noted, Advanced Skills Workshops are 2 hours and $50 each. The Breastfeeding Support class is $125.

For current schedule, see our Facebook page. To schedule a workshop or multi-subject day event, contact us.


Apprenticeship Opportunties

The Harmony Doula Group has several apprenticeship opportunities throughout the year. Contact us for more information about requirements, expectations, current availability, and fees.